I will design Employee Engagement Survey Question Bank

design Employee Engagement Survey Question Bank
design Employee Engagement Survey Question Bank

About This Gig

Looking for an HR pro on fiverr? I'm the lady you are looking for.  

Why do you need employee engagement surveys
Give Employees a Voice
Elevate employee morale
Direct Organizational Growth

With this gig, I will transform your organisation from zero to world class by customizing Employee Survey Question Bank where you have a whole range of  thoroughly researched questions to use in designing employee survey forms for your Organisation. 

With the premium package, I will design over 500 open and close ended questions in the question bank covering 24 engagement drivers as shown below. The question bank is color coded based on engagement drivers to make navigation very easy. With the premium package you also get useful tips on how to use the question bank to achieve the best results.

  • Communication
  • Your Job
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality
  • Goals and Vision
  • Training and Development
  • Resources
  • Career Paths
  • Recognition
  • Equity
  • Performance
  • Feedback
  • Managers/My Managers
  • Corporate Culture
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Compensation
  • Work/Life
  • Job Security
  • Company Leadership   
  • Opportunities 
  • Management 

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Design an Employee Engagement Survey question bank with 500 questions (12 engagement drivers)

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions