I will email you my ebook about Excel Shortcuts

email you my ebook about Excel Shortcuts

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I created a five page PDF (Adobe) that contains shortcuts within Excel that will make you more efficient and may even impress your boss/coworkers/friends. The first page is an introduction to the EBook. I am a heavy user in Excel so the next three pages are TWENTY keystrokes that I found very useful. A quick easy example of a keystroke is Ctrl O (open). These twenty not only identify the keystrokes but also defines them and I also give helpful tips too with some of them. The last page is a list of the of keystrokes that I listed before but just the keystrokes (no explanations) so you can use it as a quick reference guide. This EBook will be very useful to beginner users and to most intermediate users I believe. As for advanced users, honestly it probably won't be useful, but on the otherhand there may be one tip/keystroke that will make the purchase worth it. This EBook can be used with any version of Excel. I hope you buy my EBook and I really hope it helps you out!

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