I will help you find lost tax savings with my ebook for $5

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help you find lost tax savings with my ebook
help you find lost tax savings with my ebook

About This Gig

Did you receive the smartest tax advice this tax season? Not knowing the difference between tax preparation and proactive tax planning can be an expensive mistake for small business owners. Many dread taxes more than a root canal at the local dentist. But it does not have to be that way. 

I will send you a copy of my ebook in PDF format 
that reveals the expensive tax mistakes small business owners make year after year and provides ways to keep your hard earned money in your pocket by NOT making them.

Topics Include:

  • You are Losing Money by Not Understanding How Taxes Work 
  • Failing to Plan Can Ruin Your Tax Season 
  • Hold Back Your Fear of the IRS
  • The Wrong Business Entity Is Sucking Money from Your Small Business 
  • 3 Ways the Wrong Retirement Plan Is Costing Your Small Business 
  • Employing Family Can Cut Taxes 
  • Missing These Medical Benefits Could Send You to the ER
  • The Home Office Deduction and How It Can Save You Money 
  • Auto Expenses and Your Small Business 
  • Tax Savings with Meals and Entertainment 
  • The Most Expensive Tax Mistake

Keep your small businesses' hard earned dollars in your pocket and order this gig today.