I will do exclusive one 3 tiered link, google safe

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do exclusive one 3 tiered link, google safe

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SEO is not a monkey's job now. It needs highly researched & working techniques and experience with new ideas. And I have a technique which never give you negative value and will never die. Yeah It will of-course give you great value and even help to increase your SERP ranks if done on regular basis. Its Tiered Linkbuilding. The image attached showing you  everything but let me explain it again.

I will create an article or blog post (main site's url is there) is it called direct backlink and then I will do blog and forum commenting for that artcile, tire 2. Now i ll submit the blog and forum comment on social bookmarking sites, tire 3 links. As your main website link is on article only, so their is no negative value for you in recent updates or from future updates.

Again just order is not going to help you in any way. To get real value and fast ranks just do 5-7 tire 3 orders in a month if your keywords are not much competitive.   And if your keywords have high competition do it 14-15 in a month. Even this improves your Domain Authority.

This gig dont cover any writing part. Content must be provided or buy extra or other gig for content.

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Tiered Link Building

Rank higher and faster without any issues.