I will fix bugs in your html, css, js and php

fix bugs in your html, css, js and php

About This Gig

Hello Friends!

Getting Error in Desired output makes mood down. To overcome this problem, You can hire me.

I have 3+ years of experience in HTML and CSS, and 1.5+ years of experience in PHP with MySQL.

I can solve HTML errors like Links mismatch, Tags Open/Closed, Not getting output of HTML, image errors, Video errors, HTML5 Errors.

I can Solve CSS errors like Class/Id not working, Background and other properties/attributes not working, Coding and snippet errors.

I can Solve PHP errors as Function(argument) error, Method Calling errors, Server side header/POST/GET/ Form submission Errors.

I can also solve MySQL errors such as Inserting, Retrieving, Deleting and integrating, Connectivity errors.

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