I will post your article on my PR2 beauty blog

post your article on my PR2 beauty blog

About This Gig

Send me your article and I will guest post it to my cosmetics, fashion and beauty related PR2 blog. The post will remain on the front page for approx. 5 days.


1) Must be no more than 300 words. If you're post is longer you must purchase the gig extra. It will not be uploaded onto my blog until that time. I DO NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE! YOU DO!

2) Submission can contain no more than 2 links and 1 photo

3) Must be original content. Please do not send a post that you do not own. 

4) Submission must ONLY be related to beauty, fashion, jewelry, skin care or cosmetics.

5)PG rated only- no illegal or immoral related content and no spam. No dating, astrology, gambling, gaming or pornography sites. I have the right to deny any article not meeting these guidelines. Your money would be refunded.

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