I will test your website to find user experience problems

test your website to find user experience problems

About This Gig

There is a huge difference in the way we look at our websites and the way other people look at them. As a website manager with 2 years experience, I will be your visitor via screen capture video and give you  feedback on my user experience.

This includes what I'm thinking as navigate and scroll through your website. You will be able to see
 how easily I can do an action, shop and checkout, find usability problems and discover why people have problems.

This gig includes, for $5:

✓10 Minutes of High Definition Voice+Video Recording (720p) - This is enough to cover most tasks you may want. If you need more, please see extras.
✓ First-time user experience or critique - I may simply act naturally as a user of your website for you to analyze my behavior (reading, clicking, etc) or give you feedback about it (appearance, colors, style, functionality, difficulties).

For actions that need more time (creating a profile, opt-in actions, checkouts), see extras. I do not perform real checkouts/payments.

I do not analyze contents related to pornography, gore, gambling, or other sensitive/illegal content.

I do not download files or click ads.