I will proofread and edit your blog posts

proofread and edit your blog posts

About This Gig

Got a blog? Don't remember the thousand different uses of the comma?

Don't worry! Hi, I'm the Comma Queen.

I'm an extremely thorough proofreader and can make just about anything sound how it's meant to sound.

Not sure about grammar and punctuation marks? I'm your gal.

I am incredibly thorough in all of my work and will make sure that everything is absolutely perfect before you receive a final copy. While OCD does hinder my life occasionally, I've found that it contributes quite well toward proofreading and endless perfectionism.

Want to know more about me?

I recently finished my Master's degree in English, and I have a Tumblr blog (WriteInspiration: "Why Aren't You Writing?") with several thousand followers.

***My name is Stephanie, and I am here to help!***

Posts with more than 2000 words each will need to be done with a custom offer.

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