I will record a FIVE minute interview with you

record a FIVE minute interview with you
Amazing experience! Highly recommended!!! 5/5
Reviewed by ippocrates9 about 20 hours ago
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Very Professional. Enjoyed the interview. Definitely coming back next week!!!
Reviewed by enhancedgroup 1 day ago
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John is a consummate professional. He is courteous and meticulous. If you want a fantastic interview with someone who can guide you through the process so you can give your very best, this is the gig for you. A definite MUST buy!!
Reviewed by nicolleb 19 days ago
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Very pleased and John went above and beyond what was asked. Will order from again!
Reviewed by timed about 2 months ago
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Awesome Job. Awesome Experience. Thanks John!
Reviewed by skoutdeals 2 months ago
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VERY responsive, excellent work. Good follow up - I'd use this again in a second.
Reviewed by toddklep 3 months ago
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A+..........INCREDIBLE, Thank you so much John................
Reviewed by scottdaddy22 4 months ago
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record a FIVE minute interview with you

About This Gig

I host a syndicated radio show (and podcast) with my wife. Each day we have one guest for a FIVE MINUTE interview about their book, movie, TV show, cause or fun product.  

With this gig, I will RECORD A FIVE MINUTE interview with you. This interview can be used by YOU however you'd like to use it.

If the interview is fun and can be aired on our show, we may use it there too. I'd rather not do anything lewd or drug related. Our show is a fun "family friendly" program. Thanks!!

I have (4 days) selected, but we can do it quicker... that just gives us time to schedule the interview.

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