I will create a unique cocktail recipe or entire cocktail menu

create a unique cocktail recipe or entire cocktail menu
create a unique cocktail recipe or entire cocktail menu

About This Gig

Hi Fiverr fans.

My name is Freddy. I'm a career Hospitality industry employee since age 15. I will gladly create for you a unique/original cocktail based on your requirements or design/event theme.

Need an entire Cocktail Program/Menu for your new pub, club, or restaurant? No problem. I can do that too! In those instances, it's best to request a Custom Offer.

  • Gig includes a recipe, detailed preparation directions, glassware and garnish requirements.
  • Yes, I actually taste test my creations.
  • I can whip up a unique name for an extra fee. 

I've been a bartender in NYC (and a few months in Miami Beach) since 1994. I still bartend full-time in the most notoriously challenging bars in this city. I've worked in every type of bar imaginable and have contributed to numerous cocktail programs. I'm the owner of the most successful bartending blog on the planet (google it). 

I eschew labels. Nevertheless, the "Mixologist" term gets thrown around routinely in a post-Petraske NY. People ask me about Taffer and "what else do I do?" routinely. Me? I hustle. I service guests' needs with OCD precision and uncanny speed. 

I'll gladly help you with your cocktail needs. 

Order Details

3 days delivery

Custom, Original Cockail Recipe

Custom, Original Cockail Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is photography included?
    No. Not on a standard order. I'm a professional photographer as well. I can include professionally-lit, full-frame, subject-isolated depth-of-field photographs for an extra fee (in Gig Extras).
  • Do you taste these recipes?
    Yes. I bartend full-time and fine-tune each recipe. Granted, taste is part science and partly subjective. What pleases one person my offend another's palate. Please keep that in mind. Balance - often between tart and sweet - is key. Visual presentation is also crucial.
  • Can you come into my bar and train me on preparation?
    If you live in the NYC tri-state area, the answer is yes - gladly. That will have to be negotiated.
  • How can I trust you know what you're doing?
    You don't know me from a hole in the wall - given. It's $10 bucks though - an insignificant risk. That's peanuts - a beer and tip in bar or a trio of tacos from your local truck. "Mixologists" (ugh) often charge a couple of thousand dollars to create a 6 or 8 cocktail menu for new bars.