I will create automation script for browser tasks

create automation script for browser tasks

About This Gig

I'm Bilal Arshad a passionate and self motivated full stack developer and IT consultant. with more than 4 years of experience in providing business solutions.

I have seen many people frustrated about doing every day boring tasks like
  • login >> check email
  • login >> send message
  • login >> do this
  • login >> do that
  • login >> do this in bulk
If you are one of those keep reading. This gig is for you ;) 

Case Study: Adding LinkedIn Connections
If you used LinkedIn you had experience that adding connections and making your circle big is a quite hectic job. You have to sit and click on add. So what I did, I did research and learned some of tools and then wrote a script for my own self which add connections on LinkedIn. 

If you have any requirement like this one let me know. 

Now Its been 3 months I am writing these kinds of scripts. So I have solid grip on it, If you start now to learn and write these kind of scripts it will took couple of months to be master.

But if you can order me now you can get your script ready in 7 days. Just tell me about your requirements before placing an order.

Thanks for stopping by

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7 days delivery 1 Revision

Automation Script

Automation Scripts for doing browser based tasks without user interaction