I will write Effective SEO Blog Comments for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
write Effective SEO Blog Comments
write Effective SEO Blog Comments

About This Gig

Do you want to:


  • See some activity on your blog/website?


  • Have positive comments or reviews on your article, or product?


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Well, you’re not alone…


Positive and Effective SEO comments are powerful; they not only exhibit your social dominance, but also increase your ranking in the search engines.


That’s why, the professional bloggers focus immensely on this issue... So, I will read your blog post, or canvass your product, and:


Write 12 (25 – 50 words) SEO comments for you… (Total 400 Words) for $5


If your website/blog “ONLY” requires Name/URL, then I can post on it too with different names – Free of Charge!


So, are you ready to exhibit your “Social Power”?


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P.S. Please, send me the “Keywords” if you want me to focus on something exclusively! Otherwise, I’ll canvass and handle keywords on my own.