I will send a Christmas Card

send a Christmas Card

About This Gig

A basic Jakes Farm Yard Logo card it comes with in a Christmas Theme. We will delivery this on Fiver for you and we are happy to send to an email address if stated at the start.

The fund from this Card helps us at Jakes Farm Yard to Save as many Ducks and Chickens as possible, All the money from These Gigs go towards
Food, Bedding, Housing and Treats No money is taking from this for personal use.

We love our Ducks and Chickens more than anything in this world and we want to save them all.

At Jakes Farm Yard we Save Ducks and Chickens from all back grounds, from Slaughter, abuse or just where people that cant handle them any-more.

We care for them and give them the bestest life any Duck or Chicken would dream of.

We are adding new features to our Farm everyday and we want to share this with everyone,

For an extra $5.00 we can add a personal message on the front of the card for you

Please Note all the funds go towards caring for the Ducks and Chickens, that only inc Food and Bedding We do not use the funds for anything else.

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