I will find the perfect stock photo for your book cover

find the perfect stock photo for your book cover

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Description 3 suggestions per book 3 book deal 6 - 10 books
  Suggest 3 suitable stock photos for your book cover design Same as basic, but for 3 of your books Good for series
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About This Gig

Who am I?

I am an Ebook Publisher. I know about your Sorrows: Find good and affordable Ghostwriters, which Cover to choose, is the Title good, what about the Customer Ratings etc...

Service - Description:

  •   E-Book Cover Stock Photo search ==> I will find 3 good Stock Photos suitable for your book.

Why choose me?

  •  KDSpy, Amazon Kindle and Co. are my daily bread and butter - i know what to look for.
  •  Fast Customer Service.
  •  You deserve a second opinion: Four Eyes see more than Two

Non-Fiction only!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you look for free stock photos?
    Never ever! Sometimes they are not "free" at all. Just being published on pixabay is NO proof that the photo is for free. Some folks out there is even WAITING for you to use that picture, so they can SUE you!