I will research from Available Information

research from Available Information
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About This Gig

  • Research work on topics excluding fine arts and food, from Web and Print Media. Subsequent reporting of the findings in form of report.
  • Analysis of Data from a Sample Survey or Complete Enumeration like Census on any specified parameters. Small sample surveys can also be designed.
  • Write ups on variety of topics based on limited research.

All the information regarding time  and price stated before is indicative. Any detailed work may require more time, involvement, interaction and price.

I am bent on providing my client, value, as much as possible, at a comfortable price for both. Both of us should enjoy working together in the pursuit of knowledge.

I propose interaction before taking up a work. Understanding is the key to deliver good product.

Order Details

7 days delivery

Research & Analytical Writing

Research from Web or print media including report. Analysis of supplied and reporting.

  • References & Citations
  • Additional Research
Number of words
This Package includes 1000 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $5.