I will create a Mobile App Pitch Deck to get funding

create a Mobile App Pitch Deck to get funding

About This Gig

Do you want to attract investors for your business or idea?

One of our clients came 2nd (they should have come 1st) in a competition for startups to get funding in the United States.

It’s a known fact that it takes just 30secs to get an investor interested in your business or idea.

Most people struggle to get the attention of investors because they don't know how to get the attention of investors with their Presentations/ Pitch Decks. This results in losing potential investors.

Well, there is no need to worry any further! We will create a Pitch Deck for you to that can grab the attention and interest of investors in just 30 seconds.

Your Pitch Deck Will Have:

  • Cover Design
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution Statement
  • Target Market
  • Competition Analysis/Competitive Edge
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Strategies/Tactics
  • Management Team
  • Financial Projection with Graphs showing Cash Flow

We are a business planning firm with several clients globally, we are not just freelancers, we are professionals!

Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied, you get a full refund.

Kindly contact us, we are online.

Thank you.

Please send us a message if you need a full Pitch Deck with 10-25 slides.