I will create a Consumer Expenditures Report for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

A Consumer Expenditures Report provides information about where consumers spend their money and the potential for consumer spending for a particular product or service.  Use this information to help make decisions about expanding your offerings or target specific markets.

For this gig, you will receive the following for a specified geographic area:

  • A report which shows average household annual expenditures on different types of products or services. 
  • One PDF map highlighting one consumer spending variable.

Data can be mapped by total expenditures, average spending per household, Spending Potential Index (SPI) and is available for hundreds of items in more than 20 categories including the following:

  • Apparel - Such as coats and jackets, shoes, watches, jewelry
  • Food and Beverage - Such as groceries, restaurant visits and specific food groups
  • Financial - Such as investments, mortgages, retirement, insurance
  • Entertainment and Recreation - Such as travel, movies, party supplies, dating services, memberships
  • Household Good and Services - Such as furniture, appliances, child care, lawn and garden

Data available for US only.  Please contract prior to ordering to ensure variable availability.