I will give You Pricing Rules of Thumb to Properly Value Your Small Business

About This Gig

This gig will give you pricing rules of thumb for your specific business/industry. You will then be able to know exactly what your business will sell for in today's market.  We use our database of 1000's of up to date business transactions across every industry to deliver accurate results for your business.

In addition to knowing the true value of your business; you will also get the Ultimate Sell Your Business Guide so you know everything you need about selling a business.

  • Pricing Rules of Thumb for your Business
  • Ultimate Sell Your Business eBook
  • Valuation Report for your business/industry

Order Details

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How accurate are your rules of thumb?
    Our rules of thumb are not a calculation but an analysis of sales transactions for a business like yours.
  • Is my business worth anything If the business is not making money?
    It depends on many factors but the value of a business is a combination of cash flow, assets, strategic value, industry, patents, etc...