I will do Youtube Video Social DOMINATION Method for Massive Traffic and Seo Rankings

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do Youtube Video Social DOMINATION Method for Massive Traffic and Seo Rankings
do Youtube Video Social DOMINATION Method for Massive Traffic and Seo Rankings
do Youtube Video Social DOMINATION Method for Massive Traffic and Seo Rankings

About This Gig





How it works:

We have created many social private groups with tons of members in different niches. Just give us your URL and we will share it with the correct audience.

Some of them will click and visit your video, and if your video is engaging enough you can expect the “viral effect.”

Because of the nature of this service, we can't promise any exact number of views, but you can expect high quality genuine visitors, and other natural reactions like subscribers, likes, comments, favorites, social shares and more for just 5$!

If you won't get any positive results, we will immediately Refund You. No worries, No risk!

Why is this gig so popular?

✓ First, no spam 100% real traffic as per YouTube's TOS.

Great for New Videos looking for that initial push!

✓ Very positive results in YT and Google search results.

Update V2.0: To celebrate our new update, for a few more days we will DOUBLE the number of potential Viewers – ORDER NOW!

Order Details

Audience of 300,000 People

Qualty Traffic from Facebook Groups

6 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How I can know if the traffic is real?
    You can identify bot traffic by: 1. "Direct or Unknown" traffic source. 2. 0 likes, subscriptions, and other interactions. 3. Viewed for a very short time. 4. 0 Shares under Engagement Reports -> Sharing section. 5. Decrease in rankings and even penalization of the video.
  • How your traffic compares to "bot traffic"?
    1. "External" Traffic source from Facebook. 2. Likes, subscriptions, and all of the other natural reactions. 3. Our Use engagement is high. 4. Under "Engagement Reports -> Shares" you can see where your video was actually shared. 5. In most cases, you will see improvement in rankings.
  • How much traffic can I expect?
    We usually get 0.75% CTR from our network, but we can't promise any exact numbers as there are simply too many factors.
  • How long will the visitors watch the video?
    We can't control what our visitors do. However, based on our experience, if the video catches their attention and they visit your video, the engagement its usually high, but obviously it depends on the content of your video.
  • What about demographics?
    We send Worldwide Traffic, mostly from Europe and USA, 95% are English-speaking. Most of them are male, over 40% are 25-34 years old. Content is mostly viewed through mobile devices (Android), then Tablet and PC.
  • Will it penalize my video?
    No way! We have never seen penalizations. You can't get video penalized from legit traffic, it is impossible! You can get penalized ONLY if your video breaks any YouTube TOS, independent of our traffic. Make sure your video is legit BEFORE sending it to us.
  • What guarantees do I have?
    We can guarantee you one thing: FULL SATISFACTION. The results obtained with each video vary, so I can't promise any exact numbers. But i guarantee, you will see positive impact on your video in terms of views and all other natural reactions!
  • Why should I order the extras?
    With "X6 VIP Exposure" you get 6 times the potential visitors, and the possibility of going viral. We won't use only Facebook, but also Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus and other social websites. With “Video Paradise” we do multiple VIP promotions until you get Massive a 5 digit engagement!
  • Do you accept any videos?
    We accept any video as long as it doesn't violate any YouTube Terms of Service. We try to spot these videos, but if it still goes through, we don't take any responsibility for the results you get, as you have broken both our and YouTube’s Rules.