I will help you solve an social anxiety issue you have

help you solve an social anxiety issue you have

About This Gig

For several years I suffered from social anxiety, I got to try everything and in my journey I found what work and what doesn't work.

I will assist you and give you tools I used to overcome your anxiety in a relatively short time, so you can enjoy life more and reach your full potential

I use essentially Cbt therapy, but also a couple of other tools to back it up. In addition I will give you a routine you can do everyday with small exercices, it will take 1 hour to 1 hour and half. That if you do for 5 weeks it will make a huge difference.

I will spare you the the hundreds of hours of reading and searching.

Therapists are too expensive, and are not effective when it comes to social anxiety because if the patient who suffers from anxiety usually find it difficult to talk so therapists can't do much because their job is basically to listen.

Cbt can used on every kind of anxiety, so it's really a tool for life

10 dollars is not much, I will do it for free because I know social anxiety sucks, but I need some money in my fiverr balance to purchase other gigs I need

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