I will make yor wordpress site faster

make yor wordpress site faster

About This Gig

I'll optimize your WordPress blog to speed it up by 95%. I've already done many great works you see the images attached with this service above. So, if you decide to purchase my service. I can guarantee you that I will speed your website up and boost the loading time. The loading time will no more than 1-2 seconds. By the way, the following are the most common issues that can load a WordPress site lazy:

1. Browser Caching 
2. Enable Gzip Compression 
3. Configuring ETags 
4. Avoid CSS @import 
5. Remove query strings from static resources 
6. Leverage browser caching 
7. Minify CSS/JS/HTML 
8. Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header 
9. Make fewer HTTP requests 
10. Configure entity tags (ETags) 
And more..

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200x Faster than it was

1 day delivery