I will send you my sports betting guide

send you my sports betting guide

About This Gig

Hi my name is Daniel Prempeh and I have written this guide to help myself and others like me who want to turn sports betting into a full time hobby, maybe even a lifestyle.

What is sports betting? Well sports betting is the process of placing a wager on the outcome of an event, where the payoff is on a simple win or loss fixed basis.

What is this guide is about? This guide is a small handbook which will give anyone who is looking to start sports betting a helping hand.

·      This guide sets out a list of disciplined rules which you should stick to when betting

·      An example formula or strategy to use when betting (which can be altered to your preference)

·      Examples of how to overcome and cover losses

·      Comparing the best bookies to bet with

·      Recommended quantitative online websites to do research