I will post your electronic music on my blog

post your electronic music on my blog

About This Gig

I run a blog dedicated to indie Electronic music, and I'm always looking for new music and artists to post about.

Any form of electronic music is accepted.
Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trance, House, Breaks, Acid Electronic-Psychobilly fusion... anything.

If you have a write up you'd like me to use I will add it, in my own words, for an extra 5$.
Name of the track and genre are included.

Soundcloud, Youtube and other embedding options more than welcome, and even preferred.

One link to one song included. Plus link to website if desired. Plus tweets to a minimum of 1600 followers. Good for backlinks and exposure.
I will add a link to an additional song (on the same post) for 5$.

If you'd like me to compare your song(s) to an established artist that you actually are similar to. That's another 5$. But HIGHLY recommended because people are far more likely to listen if they know someone your stuff is similar to.

I tag and categorize all posts, and posts will stay on the site permanently. I will add your name as a category for an additional 5$, which will give you far more exposure over time.