I will post your horror game or lets play on my blog

post your horror game or lets play on my blog

About This Gig

Simple gig, big potential.

There are lots of horror lets players and games out there, sometimes a getting your video or game in the right place can make a lot of difference.

I will post your horror game (any scary, halloween, mystery, thriller type games are fine) or horror game lets play on my blog.

5$ gets you a basic post.
For an extra 5$ I will rewrite something about your game/video. More text = better search hits.
For an extra 5$ I will add a game or youtuber comparison of your choice (one or two). People are more likely to check out something similar to something they already know they like.
Please only buy this is you really are similar to the youtuber in question, or your game really is similar to another title.
Lastly, for 5$ extra I will make your name, or your game's name, a top level category on the blog so it will be more likely to get more hits in the future.

All posts are permanent. Posts are Tweeted using at least 3 accounts, and reposted to another blog for larger link and post exposure.

Order Details

Basic Blog Post

A basic post with a short description, plus a video, and link to your game or channel.

3 days delivery