I will post Wargaming youtube lets plays or games on my blog

post Wargaming youtube lets plays or games on my  blog

About This Gig

If you're doing let's play videos or have your own game to promote I will post it on my blog.

IE, Total War, Table Top war game batreps (Warhammer), Tower Defense, Real Time Strategy, Turn Based Strategy, etc.
And RPGs.

Basic gig is for a video embed or picture (video gets better results), and a link. With short description in my own words.

If you have a write up or hype piece you'd like included, I will rewrite it in my own words and include it for an extra 5$.

If your style of lets play videos are similar, or if your game is similar, to an established let's player or game, I will include that for an extra 5$. Which is HIGHLY recommend since people are more likely to check out things that are similar to what they already know they enjoy.
Please only take this extra if you or the game REALLY ARE similar.

I use appropriate tags, and categorize all posts. If you would like your name, or game's name, used as a category for more long term, top level, exposure I will do that for another 5$.

Posts are Tweeted at least 3 times, and reblogged to another site for greater link spread and exposure.

Order Details

Basic Post

A basic post with a short description, video and link to game or channel.

3 days delivery