I will channel sylvia brownes spirit to read for you

channel sylvia brownes spirit to read for you

About This Gig

I have never met Sylvia, and I am not purporting to be her. Having said this,  on March 1, 2014, I believe that her spirit began to  contact me, and thru her spirit have been able to connect and channel loved ones who have passed. If you wish for me to contact a deceased loved one, a relative friend, lover, etc. I can do so thru her spirit and give you their message.

I believe that I am also in contact with other famous psychics who have passed. Edgar Cayce contacted me when I was  3 years old, and since then I have been doing psychic readings in the same manner he conducted his, in a deep trance.

For $5 I will contact Sylvia's spirit to channel a deceased loved one for you and give you that person's message.

To ask psychic questions or non deceased person contact, or for more extended readings or for more in depth psychic readings thru either Silvia Browne or Edgar Cayce's spirits, please choose EXTRAS.