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Beta reading means providing you with feedback from the perspective of a reader. I will give you my honest reactions to your story. These reactions will be provided in the form of an in-depth "beta reader interview" form I have developed--this form contains over 40 questions pertaining to things like characterization, pacing, dialogue, plot structure, and more. I will also leave comments directly on your manuscript as I read it.

You can depend on me for honest, comprehensive, and thoughtful feedback that will help steer you in the right direction when it comes time to edit your story.

I primarily work with speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, and any combination thereof). If your manuscript does not fall into one of the aforementioned genres, please contact me before placing an order (I accept other genres, but I'll need to hear about your project first to determine if I'm qualified to provide feedback on it).

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3 days delivery

Beta Reading

I will read your manuscript and complete a pre-made beta reading form with over 40 questions.

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This Package includes 4000 words. For each additional 4000 words, the price is $5.
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