I will communicate with your Pet

communicate with your Pet

About This Gig


My name is Blue Laguna and I am a psychic since birth. I have seen ghosts, communicated with loved ones that have passed over, I can hear animals and I can predict the future. 

This gig is for a pet psychic reading to be answered in 500 characters.  Please send your first name, your pet's first name and your pet's picture. 

Do you know how long 500 characters is? This highlighted paragraph is five hundred characters in length.  For this gig of one question, I will provide a handwritten psychic reading that is five hundred characters in length. This is long enough to answer some of the questions that people have. For more complex questions, a longer, more detailed and  more in-depth reading is needed. The gig extra upgrade to a theta trance is highly recommended in order to provide you with as much information as possible. 

As required by law, I must state that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.