I will pray and Meditate for Amazing Results

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pray and Meditate for Amazing Results

About This Gig

I will PRAY and MEDITATE for you to bring amazing results into your life. The secret is to pray and meditate using the specific techniques of imagery and carefully chosen words while in a deep meditation.  

From this higher brain wave function, real change is possible in people's lives. I have practiced these techniques for many years and some people can feel me praying for them, even though we are thousands of miles apart. 

I will pray for you, for more financial abundance, improved health, more love, better self-image, to be released from addictions, etc. I can't do lotto/gambling as the spiritual laws just don't allow it. 

Do you know how long 500 characters is? This highlighted paragraph is five hundred characters in length.  For this gig of one question, I will provide a handwritten psychic reading that is five hundred characters in length. This is long enough to answer some of the questions that people have. For more complex questions, a longer, more detailed and  more in-depth reading is needed. The gig extra upgrade to a theta trance is highly recommended in order to provide you with as much information as possible. 

Custom prayers or rituals are available upon request.