I will translate 500 words from English or Spanish into Italian

translate 500 words from English or Spanish into Italian

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  Up to 500 words for $5. Delivery in a few hours. From 2000 to 5000 words. Delivery in 1-5 days. From 5000 words on. Delivery in 5-10 days.
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About This Gig

Professional translator and proofreader of diverse texts in various languages (ENG/SPA > ITA and vice versa).

My expertise includes:

  • General texts.
  • Technical field (video games & apps, IT, engineering, art, education, tourism, wine&food, DIY, theatre, music, academic research).
  • Scientific area (medicine, chemistry, biology, toxicology, psychology, genetics, medical and pharmaceutical research).
  • Promotional and marketing transcreation.
  • Legal documents.

Average of 3000-6000 daily words, depending on the text type involved, the terminological research needed and your necessities.

Please note that delivery times are flexible.
I normally carry out small- and medium-sized projects within a 24h deadline. In case of queuing orders, your project may be delayed: nonetheless I will deliver it within the 48h deadline (or 5 days for larger projects). Requesting an extra-fast delivery for small projects will automatically give them top priority status.

You will receive at least a daily update about the translation progress.

Orders are fully customisable.
Please contact me for custom quotes, rush orders, particular text formats or layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm in a hurry and it's 10.30 am. Can I send you this 15,000 word document for tonight?
    I have an average of 3000-6000 translated daily words, terminological research and proofreading included. Requesting such a huge amount of words in a day is risky, as I cannot guarantee top quantity and quality. I would therefore invite you to contact me beforehand for large projects.
  • How can I ensure that my work is really top quality?
    Organisation, clarity and a fast and effective communication are vital for your project to achieve really good quality. I will always keep you up to date regarding the progress of your project, and will contact you straight away if something does not add up.
  • I have a question, but your gig doesn't seem to answer it...
    Don't worry! As I said, my orders are FULLY customisable. Drop me a line explaining your necessities and attach the document you want me to translate. After a careful assessment of it, I will be able to offer you a few options and prices for your project.
  • Can you give me a quote based solely on a generic list of specs?
    Sure, but I'll probably say "this job will cost you something between $5 and 150". Not reassuring, right? I don't know whether your text is going to be read by a group of cancer charities or a pool of oncologists. Be specific, and above all don't forget to send me the text you need to translate!
  • My text is rather confidential, and I don't know what to do...
    Be assured that, as a translator, I am deontologically bound to respect confidentiality on EVERY text I receive. If you still don't believe it, remember: YOU are the customer! The least you can do, should I ever breach such agreement, is to destroy my Fiverr reputation via negative feedbacks.