I will do an intuitive Tarot reading for you

do an intuitive Tarot reading for you

About This Gig

When you book this gig, I will perform an intuitive reading of Tarot cards for you.These I will note down and send to you.

You can choose whether I ask the cards about your overall situation, some specific topic or a different person, thing or place. Initials are welcome, a name is not necessary.
The usuall results provide one to two pages of information.

The delivery might take up to 3 days. You might want to upgrade to "express delivery" for an answer within one day. Also, you may choose a full reading in the Celtic Cross system.

Please note: The impressions are given on a more archaic level. They can thus be somewhat symbolic, but also very straightforward. Please be prepared to this before you read the results. Also, if you are looking for but a direct "translation" of card designs as in many occult books on Tarot, please choose a different gig.

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2 days delivery