I will send my DVD how to Make Spirits Bourbon Moonshine

send my DVD how to Make Spirits Bourbon Moonshine

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"Learn Step-by-Step How to Make a Great Batch of Authentic Moonshine with our DVD"

You may be thinking about distilling your own shine or have tried distilling already and aren't too happy with the results....
You may be wondering how to make a batch of liquor or brandy from your own Crafted Beer or Wine...

Beginner to Advanced Distilling is Covered in This DVD Course

Your first batch of White Lightning, using my tips will impress most advanced distillers.
  Learn from all of my trial & Error.  There is an ongoing learning curve to making spirits.

You'll make a Great Tasting Corn-Mash with Local Ingredients

That's right...Many people assume that you can throw some grain or corn kernels into a bucket of water, add yeast and some sugar, then end up with a real corn moonshine mash.  But really, that's just sugar water. 

There's lots of on-line videos made by people who just don't know what they're making.  I've looked at lots of FREE INFO on the subject...There really is a science to distilling spirits

Just pop the DVD into your TV's player or Computer to watch this Instructional Video.

Distillation Nation Inc.

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