I will provide DETAILED B2B Leads

provide DETAILED B2B Leads
provide DETAILED B2B Leads
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About This Gig

For example, 1 Biz Category and 1 City could be something like all the Lawyers in Atlanta.

Each list is freshly generated from multiple internet based sources.  So each list is as fresh as it gets.  The list does not come from and old, stale database. I will provide you with the most accurate and up to date business information possible. With that said, please understand that even the most accurate and up-to-date list will not be 100% accurate because of the fact businesses come and go day to day.

The Basic Gig will provide you incredible amount of data for 1 Business Type in 1 City.

It will include EMAIL addresses where available and it goes way beyond the usual basic b2b lead information.  I will provide you with a Goldmine of information..Make sure to watch the video where I scroll through the Excel Spreadsheet so you can see all the data you will get.  This an IDEAL list for any business that sells mobile websites, social media services, SEO services, advertising services, marketing services or just about any other b2b service.


Need other combinations of biz types and cities? Just ask and I can create a custom order for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the list include rmail addresses?
    Yes, for any lead that has a publicly available email address. Not all leads will have email addresses.
  • How fresh are the leads?
    We generate each list the when it is ordered. This is not stale data sitting in a database.
  • How many leads will I receive?
    The total amount of leads is based on the business type and city requested. A bigger category in a bigger city will produce more results than a smaller business type in a smaller city.