I will improve your ear training skills

improve your ear training skills
improve your ear training skills

About This Gig

Music is so fun!!!!

Come and study with a real composer!
A music expert,  holds an M.A in music composition.

Improve your ear training skills easilly!  Through fun exercises, improve with musical dictations, solfege, sight singing, rhythm, theory, harmony and much more etc....

Learn how to play a song by ear!

excellent  for high school students, auditions, music school entrance exams. 

Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels!

We will do study sessions of 45 min each , once a week- via video chat. 
You will order each lesson here through the fiverr system .

We will combine guidelines for practicing and homework, melodic and harmonic dictations, trying to understand the foundations of harmony, and the connection to melody, rhythm and of coarse our perception of sound. In addition , will send you supplementary files , each lesson. 

It is a lot of work, but if you are consistent in practicing every day ( even for 15- 20 min, a day), I believe we will be able to see progress !!

The price will be 40$ per lesson once a week.( remember that the system takes 20 percent from it, so what remains is much less for me...),

That's it!