I will proofread 2500 words of writing

proofread 2500 words of writing

About This Gig

Professional proofreading and critiquing service at a bargain price. Can also extend services to include advice on publishing and promoting your work.

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7 days delivery 2 Revisions


1,000 words of proofreading for $5

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Number of words
This Package includes 1000 words. For each additional 1500 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can everything be done by e-mail?
    Yes. Use the following e-mail address: robert.cubitt@robertcubitt.com
  • What is the maximum wordcount that you will accept?
    Book length, so no more than 120,000 words.
  • Do you respect my copyright?
    Absolutely. All submissions are handled in the strictest confidence. All electronic material is deleted on satisfactory completion of the work. All hard copy material is returned to the owner.
  • Is there anything you won't proofread?
    Yes. Pornography. I will proofread erotica, but if I consider the content to cross the line I'll refuse the gig. Material I consider to be racist, anti-religion (any religion), anti-female or homophobic will be refused.
  • Is there any genre you won't accept?
    As I'm doing this for money I'll grit my teeth and power through the genres I'm not keen on.
  • Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with your service?
    All attempts will be made to deliver a satisfactory service first time. If you are not satisfied with the work then please tell me why, and I'll endevour to put things right. If we can't agree then Fiverr's standard terms and conditions on refunds apply.
  • When you proofread, do you correct American spellings, or vice versa, do you correct British spellings?
    Please tell me what spelling you use, American English or British English. I will respect your choice.