I will do user testing to find problems with user experience

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sevari about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ahmedqaw 2 months ago
Again, fantastic effort and related review video. Thanks again so much. I appreciated the feedback. Cheers. A+
Reviewed by epcourtois 2 months ago
Seller did a very good job with the provided video itself involved in the review. The review comments were very helpful and constructive. Overall fantastic review. Thank you very much. A+
Reviewed by epcourtois 2 months ago
Great job, good tips, thanks!
Reviewed by badorties 3 months ago
There is a german proverb which states that good advice is expensive. Bad advice is even more expensive and no advice, no one can afford. This gig was a real eye-opener and I got very good advice. This seller is extremely knowledgeable and was able to identify the problems. But not only that, he also supplied well-constructed improvement tips.
Reviewed by v4ncouver 3 months ago
Great feedback provided. I have ordered this gig twice and gotten amazing feedback and an outside point of view each time. Extremely happy with the service and will be returning when updates are done on the site!
Reviewed by danrcort 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by michaelpaul318 3 months ago
Great Job!
Reviewed by gleibowitz 3 months ago
Loved the professional honesty!
Reviewed by mrpeterjulius 3 months ago
I needed another pair of trained eyes to review our website. He knew exactly what to look for and gave me lots of actionable insights that I would never have found on my own. I would definitely recommend buying this gig! It will make your website testing process much more productive.
Reviewed by jcastellucci 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by haswell 5 months ago
do user testing to find problems with user experience
do user testing to find problems with user experience

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Description Silver Gold Platinum
  Desktop OR Mobile Testing Desktop AND Mobile Testing Desktop AND Mobile Testing AND Speed
Test Mobile
Seller will test your site/product in a mobile environment.
Test Desktop
Seller will test your site/product in a desktop environment (see specifics in description).
Screen Recording Time (Min.)
Seller will record his screen and audio while testing your site/product ( minimum recording time).
8 12 16
Pages Tested
Number of pages/screens of your site/product the seller will test.
4 8 15
Delivery time

About This Gig

It is impossible to test your own site. You know it too well and you are not your customer. 
Watch Over My Shoulder as I Test Your Website (delivered via Video Recording)

I take the role of a visitor and work through your site giving you my impressions of what I am thinking. It is easy to use. How easy is it to complete a given task? Have you overlooked something? 

HD Quality Included - High definition with large video dimensions so you can really see what I am doing.

The Fiverr delivery system allows you to watch the review video inside the order area or you can download and share with others. 

>>> Options: (Available as you proceed to order)
* Marketing Advice * Talking Head * IOS / Android / Windows Phone Options * Speed Testing

Why should you listen to me?
I've worked as a developer, team leader and IT Director for 25+ years developing websites and apps. 

I am a Digital Marketer Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Content Marketer, Email Marketing Specialist and Customer Value Optimizer.

★★★ No Quibble Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. ★★★

Delivery often within 24hours but 2 day is quoted to make sure I am not rushed and can give the best advice possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you record your reactions and show your face on screen as you work through the site?
    Yes, just add the show talking head gig extra when you proceed to order. I will record live without edits so you can see my first experience of your site frustrations and joy alike.
  • Will you test prototypes?
    Yes, As long as I can access the prototype easily. If it requires installing software then have a chat with me first before ordering.
  • Can you test unpublished iOS apps on a phone or tablet?
    Yes, Happy to using something like testflight. If it is easy to install then I can record my experience of your app. If it is more complex to get access then message me first.
  • Can you test on Non Apple Devices
    Yes I can test on Android tablets/phone and Windows Phones. I will test on one device unless it stops provide any actionable feedback. At this time I will switch to other devices until the allocated time in your package runs out. This is available as an upgrade once you proceed to order.
  • Do you stop the moment the time runs out?
    No, I do tend to overrun if I am still finding actionable items to tell you. I love what I do so it can be hard to stop sometimes.
  • Can you work on non-English sites?
    Yes I can by using either Google chrome's translate function or the translator plugin for safari on iphone and ipads. This isn't perfect but should give me enough information to test the usability of your site.