I will create you a tailored brand that stands out while reducing costs

create you a tailored brand that stands out while reducing costs
create you a tailored brand that stands out while reducing costs
create you a tailored brand that stands out while reducing costs

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Description Consult Overview +Market Research +In Person Visit
  1on1 business review of model, image, target, costs and advise on best direction or tweeks needed Consult + full breakdown of how to stand out from competition based on your company branding Full day, in person consult followed by written analysis w/market research. *overseas additional $
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About This Gig

Are you starting a business or simply plateaued where you're at?  You could risk figuring it all out yourself, (putting in countless hours of learning, research and work), or you could go to someone who's worked with everyone from small ma and pa shops to big fortune 500 companies and corporations that all rely upon and trust our company, to not only advise their company, but handle their system upgrades, project management, IT service calls and more!

Normally I charge triple what I'm listing here, why am I not? Easy, I support small businesses and believe in a world where there is plenty of money for everyone, I also believe in myself and our team enough that if we prove ourselves to you now, help you become the next huge success, chances are you're going to still be using us.  We're more set on making a customer for life then just a quick sale. It's just good business.

Consult-Phone call 1on1 with me the founder and I will give you an hour to ask me whatever questions you want and I can advise accordingly.

+Research-Phone call followed by detailed report on a specific topic you choose, (such as location, branding, etc)

+Onsite-In person consult, full 8hr day plus research of choice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I'm overseas is there additional cost?
    Only for onsite visit, anything over $300 flight (based upon economy coach class pricing, we don't fly first class) is additional and billed to you prior to scheduling.
  • How extensive is the research/report I'm paying for?
    Very. We have a team of industry leaders in their fields that give you as detailed as possible information without over complicating it all with the mindset to help you get the most ROI
  • What kind of gaurantee is there on your work?
    We stand 100% behind our work and research put into these consults for you. We obviously can't gaurantee how you utilize information or deploy solutions but our track record proves that we don't halfass our work.
  • Is there somewhere we can see some of your partners and clients?
    Yes! Go to our website @ www.thebodilyworks.com and click on partners tab!
  • Are you available to clarify any questions we have on report once we get it?
    Within reason, yes. You can reach us anytime at (801)290-8540 or help@thebodilyworks.com