I will provide you with a workout utilizing your body weight

provide you with a workout utilizing your body weight

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Description Body Weight Workout Plan My exact diet plan for max results Personal Coaching AND 2nd workout
  I will provide you via email with a BodyWeight workout plan that will help you gain muscle for 6 wks Want to push yourself to the next level? Get my EXACT diet plan! Have me as your coach to tweak the workout and diet to your body type and specific goals! 6wks total
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About This Gig

Don't want to go to a gym?  Want to work out at home instead for only FIVE bucks?  Get gym results at home with body weight training. I'll send you my personal workout that got me these results!  

Want to turn it up to get even better results?  You can include the additional diet plan that I follow to see even better results!  

Are your body type or goals different from mine?  Most likely.  That is all considered in the custom tailoring of the diet plan for YOUR goals and YOUR body type!  On top of that, it's very open to people that like to live a little.  There are not certain things that you can't eat.  You simply make up for it in the averages.

Want to maximize your results?  How about you hire me for VERY LITTLE!
- I can tweak the workout to exercises that you find more enjoyable.
- I can help you have the drive to get up in the morning and to keep on your diet and workout plans.
- I can review and correct your form, speed, rest periods, etc. via a skype call so that you can maximize YOUR time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to do this workout?
    Requirements: Able to do a few pullups Pullup bar A couple of level chairs, counter top, or high table that can support your weight Minimum of two days per week when you can work out Doctor's physical examination and recommendation that you are physically fit enough for this workout
  • Will you mail me this workout or is this electronic delivery?
    This is electronic delivery only
  • If I purchase the coaching, how will you communicate with me?
    We will do our coaching over skype
  • What all is included in the Personal coaching
    I will work with you for an hour each week, for six weeks, on various points: motivation, form, modifying the workout/diet to be more fun for you, etc. This will be done over a skype call and will require you to have a web cam for optimal coaching.