I will subscribe, Watch, Like, Comment, Share 10 Videos

subscribe, Watch, Like, Comment, Share 10 Videos

About This Gig

I will not only PERMANANTLLY Subscribe to your channel, but also FULLY Watch, Like, Comment, Share (on Facebook, Google+ and twitter) 10 videos of your choice. If you don’t specify, I will randomly choose 10.

We don’t use proxies that deliver 1000s of Black Hat interactions causing Google and YT to flag and ban your account after a few weeks. We offer appropriate comment and real human social signals to help your video rank higher and permanently on both YT and Search engine results.


· True IP address from Florida, USA

· 1 permanent subscription to your channel (no porn, anti-govermental….)

· 100% watch each youtube video (up to 10)

· Duration of each youtube video can be 15 minutes or less. 

· One like along with a professional comment under each video

· Delivery in 48 hours or less

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