I will play Xbox Games with you

play Xbox Games with you

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Description Voice communication Invite other gamers Play competitively/ YouTube
  I will use my mic to communicate with you during gaming. I will invite other gamers if you prefer to play with more people I will play competitive multiplayer and/or be in your YouTube video or stream.
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About This Gig

I enjoy playing games (Xbox one, as well as Xbox 360) if you're ever short a person and don't want a random person that probably dosent know what their doing ou can always call on me. For a low pay I'll be your friend, or just a buddy that can help you with a mission. Yes I will talk to you if you want that is optional

I would suggest contacting me to make sure I have the game 

Available times 
Saturday: Anytime 
Sunday: Anytime until midnight or possibly 1AM
Monday: 7Pm-12/1
Tuesday: 7/8Pm-12/1
Wednesday: 7Pm-12/1
Thursday: 7Pm-12/1
Friday: 7- anytime  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people do you invite
    I will invite up to two people and each person I invite will be an extra $5 however if we switch out one of my people for somebody else on my friends list you will not have to pay for them too because you have already payed for a previous slot
  • In regards to the other people you invite...
    Most of the people on my friends list play competitive as well and are okay with being in YouTube videos as they have participated in my videos at least once
  • Do you play competitive over watch?
    Yes! I frequently play competitive over watch
  • Do you use Kinect mic?
    No I do have an actual mic