I will promote your Kindle Scout book on my Facebook Pages

promote your Kindle Scout book on my Facebook Pages

About This Gig

I will promote your Kindle Scout story on my FB pages!

If you're looking to get nominations for the Kindle Scout program, you've come to the right place! I can get your novel seen by thousands of Kindle readers by sharing your novel on several of my digital reader Facebook pages!

Because it's important to me to keep my readers and fans happy, I am unable to accept badly formatted stories, distasteful covers, novels with bad grammar/spelling errors, or material that my readership would find offensive.

The link to your story, along with your cover image and synopsis, will be posted on the following pages on a date of your choosing:

  • Love Books (1,800 fans)
  • Book Kitty (800)
  • I Love Reading (1,900)
  • I Like Books (3,000)
  • I Love My Ereader (7,000)

Additionally, if your story is Romance or Erotica, I will also share it on the following page for extra gigs:

  • Sexy Stories (17,000 fans)