About This Gig


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I am an ex-Hollywood actor with major credits on IMDB, including prior principal roles opposite Brad Pitt in"Mr. and Mrs. Smith", Tom Cruise in "Collateral",Tim Allen in "The Shaggy Dog" as well as playing Cary Grant in Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator."  I was also the "Fabrege Egg Expert" on Oceans 12.

Along with your 20 word gig, your project will be:

1.    Shot with a Pro HD Video Camera

2.    Recorded with a RODE Shotgun Microphone

3.    Shot on Professionally Keyed Green Screen

4.    Script Read From Teleprompter

5.    Delivered in HD .mpeg4 or .mov 

6.    Shot in a Professionally Lit Studio

7.    Light Make-Up Applied to Reduce Shine 

8.    INCLUDES News Background 

ONE GIG = 20 WORDS. If you had a 200 word script, you would need to purchase 10 GIGSSee my "Gig Extras" below for adding backgrounds, logos, music, images, choice of wardrobe, 3 or 1 day rush options, HD video, script writing, custom offices featuring your logo and dynamic motion video intros featuring your logo.

IF you purchase a custom office, choose your office here:

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