I will produce a video for your website, business, product or service

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Will definitely use again. Very professional...
Reviewed by realtorwebcast 9 days ago
Wowww wowww wowwww!!! 1st project together and was perfect the first time around! You went beyond my expectations! My jaw dropped in amazement and I was smiling from ear-to-ear when I watched the videos you created. Thank you so much!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Reviewed by bizhookup 13 days ago
No words have been made to describe how talent and professional work I have received. I'm very happy. Thank you!
Reviewed by targetcall 27 days ago
Thanks a lot for doing extra favours
Reviewed by aamir_user 27 days ago
I wanted to do a re-shoot because I sent Michael-John a script that was not the best. He did so, returned it in not much more than an hour and it was PERFECT! I can't say enough about working with him. he is a GREAT actor and seller to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Reviewed by videoman777 30 days ago
excellent work, i'll definitely keep on ordering from you ! Thanks
Reviewed by nissim31 about 1 month ago
Great as always!
Reviewed by deniskurdija about 1 month ago
In few words, "he is the best~"
Reviewed by brandresearch about 1 month ago
Fantastic video! Outstanding experience! The best Fiverr gig I have received so far! This guy has done a truly amazing job! I will definitely use his services again. Highly recommended by Ordersfly.com Marketplace.
Reviewed by newagedeals about 1 month ago
Great communication with the seller and quality, professional work. I appreciate you.
Reviewed by tommcqueen about 1 month ago
He did a great job, ahead of schedule. There isn't much more you can ask for from contracted services.
Reviewed by cuanmcyy about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by atlanticrp about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ikcontact about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bryceking about 2 months ago
Awesome. Thanks a lot Mike! It looks great.
Reviewed by jsriramk95 about 2 months ago
He was great responded right away and didn't stop till we were satisfied! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by ericamaciaslv 2 months ago
Awesome! Thanks very much.
Reviewed by anchorwave 2 months ago
Awesome gig from an awesome seller. We will be back for many more videos in the very near future!
Reviewed by makingpowermove 2 months ago
Fantastic job! I will definitely ask you to record more videos.
Reviewed by robvegas626 2 months ago
Terrific job. Thanks!
Reviewed by robvegas626 2 months ago
produce a video for your website, business, product or service
produce a video for your website, business, product or service

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Description Silver Gold Platinum
  100-200 Word Video. Includes Suit, HD, Music, 1 Logo, Phone/URL. YOU provide the script. 200-300 Word Video. Includes Suit, HD, Music, 1 Logo, 2 Images, Phone/URL. YOU provide the script. 300-400 Word Video. Includes Suit, HD, 1 Logo, 3 Images, Phone/URL, YOU provide the script.
Custom Outfit
Actor will wear custom outfit (see gig/package descriptions for details and options)
Add Logo
Seller will insert your logo (or another graphic you provide) into the animation
Overlay Text
Seller will add additional text to the intro (e.g., a short tagline, your website URL, social media links etc.)
Background Music
Seller will include royalty-free background music and/or sound effects
Video includes a specific background other than white (see description for details)
Full HD (1080p)
File will be delivered in full 1080p HD resolution
Delivery time
Number of words
This Package includes 200 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is €4.73.
This Package includes 300 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is €4.73.
This Package includes 400 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is €4.73.
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About This Gig

**Video Spokesperson & Fiverr SUPER SELLER!!!**

***IF you have a smaller job that does not fit the parameters of my package deals, simply message me through Fiverr and I can send you a custom quote!***

I am an ex-Hollywood actor with major credits on IMDB, including prior principal roles opposite Brad Pitt in"Mr. and Mrs. Smith", Tom Cruise in "Collateral", Tim Allen in "The Shaggy Dog" as well as playing Cary Grant in Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator."  I was also the "Faberge Egg Expert" on Oceans 12.

FYI - your project will be:

  1. Shot with a Pro HD Camera
  2. Recorded with a RODE Shotgun Mic
  3. Shot on a Green Screen
  4. Light Make-up Added To Remove Shine
  5. Script Read From Teleprompter
  6. Shot in a Professionally Lit Studio

ALL Package orders INCLUDE:

  1. Your Choice of Wardrobe
  2. The Addition of Your Logo
  3. A Lower Third Bar Featuring Your URL, Phone # or Contact Info
  4. Royalty Free Background Music
  5. Up to 3 Stock Images (I Provide Them At NO Charge!)
  6. Your Choice Of Background
  7. FULL 1080p HD Video File

    I am not writing scripts at this time, but there are many great script writers here on Fiverr under the "copy-writing" or "creative writing" categories.  Thank you! Michael-John Wolfe

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do foreign accents or speak any other languages?
    Unfortunately, I cannot!
  • I REALLY need you to do a GREAT Job on MY Video, Can You?
    If you are concerned with what type of video you will be getting, PLEASE spend some time and look at my most recent samples. This is the exact level of quality you will be getting. I ALWAYS do my BEST, whether it is a $5 job or a $500 job!
  • Can I mail you my product to hold in the video?
    Sure, BUT I cannot return any items. So only mail me products that you do not expect to get back. Message me to get my mailing address. Please do not order the gig until I tell you I have received the actual item. It you mailed it and haven' heard back, feel free to check to see if I got it.
  • I have a tough name or word I need you to pronounce properly - how do I let you know the proper pronunciation?
    Easy, simply record yourself saying the word 3-4 times and send me the sound file. OR you can even record yourself saying it on your smartphone's video camera and just attach the file with your order.
  • You delivered my video and it looks and sounds great, but NOW I want to change the script, what do I do?
    If I already delivered, that means I already took the time to produce your video properly. So I will need you to re-order, but contact me first - many times I am happy to offer a discounted second shoot to help clients who really want a script change.
  • Can you wear a lapel mic? I need great sound!
    No, I simply shoot too many videos to keep swapping out a lapel mic. Plus I dont like the way it looks on camera and many times rubbing up against it can cause sound issues. I use a RODE shotgun mic mounted right above my head pointed directly at my mouth - just a few feet a way. Sounds great!
  • You have a lot of orders in your queue. Can you still deliver on time?
    YES! I've fine tuned my process so whether I have 5 or 50 orders, I'll complete every order on time! If you ordered a 1 day rush, you will get it the next day! Sometimes it may be a few hours late, for example if you ordered at 4 am the day prior, I probably wont be awake at 4 am the next day!
  • Can I mail you our company shirt to wear in the video? Or can you buy a specific outfit for my video?
    Yes! You can mail me your shirt to wear - as long as there is NO green on it or in the logo! (Size Large or XL usually works!) IF you want me to buy something I do not have, say a cowboy hat for example, you would need to reimburse me for the cost of the hat.
  • I want to add a custom office or dynamic video intro featuring my logo, what do I need to do?
    These are $25 each, because I have to pay my graphic designer to create them. He can usually deliver them in 24 hours. Simply order the gig extra for whichever one you want - office or intro, or both! THEN when you buy my package, be sure and include your high resolution logo in png or jpeg format.
  • I dont have a script, can I hire you to write one?
    I am sorry but I am not writing scripts at this time, I am simply too swamped with video orders. BUT you do need an exact script in order to have me create a video for you. No problem! There are many of great writers here on Fiverr! Check under the "creative writing" or "copy-writing" categories!