I will create vintage radio call numbers

Super! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by tracyt317 about 1 month ago
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Tom is a real professional. When you ask many many sellers on Fiverr to produce a "jingle" they come back with a liner. Tom is a real radio guy who knows the difference. He provided the exact service that was requested and I will definitely purchase from him again. A truly talented professional!
Reviewed by andrewhornick50 6 months ago
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They did a Fantastic Job. Oh I love the imaging they did for us.
Reviewed by djrobertsworldw 6 months ago
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Reviewed by johnbeeler about 1 year ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by swampboy over 1 year ago
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Reviewed by seedofocoileain over 1 year ago
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Asked for help with something related to but different than the ad. Quick turnaround. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Explained what I hoped for. Second response was exactly what I wanted! Tom is one of the good ones!
Reviewed by ethansen over 1 year ago
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create vintage radio  call numbers
create vintage radio  call numbers

About This Gig

If you have a radio station and need those classic style jingle singers sound from the 60s, 70, & 80s. We got you covered. From FM 88.0 to 107.9 and on AM from 500 to 1790  Odd or Even doesn't matter.

Examples for FM: 107.1  92.6   or on AM 610  1420

Please let us know what your call numbers are, we will send you a proof version of lower quality audio with watermark in the file for your approval. Once approved, the FINAL version will be sent. Please consult our Fiverr video for example of actual sound. 

Once delivered there are NO MODIFICATIONS, with the exception of minor adjustments to same file.