I will review your Google Analytics and suggest changes

review your Google Analytics and suggest changes

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Description Analytics Audit Analytics Setup Advanced Professional Setup
  I look for configuration issues and problematic traffic segments Have a professional setup Analytics the way it's intended to be setup. Configure Analytics Professionally and include additional on-site tracking metrics: goals & events.
Custom GA Report
Seller will set up a custom Google Analytics report
Create analytics dashboard
Seller will set up a customized Google analytics dashboard
Tracking Tags
Seller will install tracking tags on your website to measure traffic in Google Analytics, AdWords, etc.
Account Setup
Seller will set up your Google Analytics account
# of Configured Goals
Seller will configure the indicated amount of goals to track in Google Analytics
Delivery time
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About This Gig

I've been working with Google Analytics for 5+ years and can help you with most tasks. I can install Analytics on your website, update an existing tracking code, or review your existing data to find areas of improvements.

Analytics Audit
I look for configuration issues and problematic and successful traffic types.

Professional Setup
In order to get the most from Google Analytics, you need to have it logging data properly. In a professional setup. Most people do not do this. In fact, less than 10% of all users I've audited have setup their account properly.

Advanced Professional Setup
Everything from above along with additional/custom on-page event tracking and goal conversions. 3 Goals are included in the initial price.  Contact me before ordering the advanced setup.

You will need to grant me view access to your Google Analytics for this gig. If you are not comfortable doing that, do not order this gig.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you expect to find in your $5 Audit?
    Many people create their Analytics and simply copy paste their tracking code onto their website and call it a day. That is not enough. There are many settings in Analytics that need to be manually enabled. Of the last 200 audits I've ran, less than 10% of the profiles were configured properly.
  • What does your Standard package include?
    In this package, I enable demographic reporting, update your tracking code to log events in Google Analytics, enable search logging in Google Analytics, block known bots & traffic spam. I also advise you on linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console, another tool from Google.