I will do An Energy Reading

do An Energy Reading

About This Gig

My name is Jonathan I am an Energy reader that can read you via Energy I am very detailed and you will sometimes leave you feeling shocked and amazed by the stuff I will tell you. I am not always accurate because I'm not perfect, but I will tell you some things about yourself that other Psychics on here cannot. My readings are confidential and I will never share your information with anybody. I am an Energy Reader that will tell you about yourself and others around you while also helping you achieve your goals and getting you focus on what you suppose to be doing in life. What I need from you is a picture of yourself, 3 or more pictures of yourself will be perfect the more energy you give me the better your reading will be, your date of birth (just month and date no year), and your hobbies. None of your information will ever be shared or discussed with anybody other than yourself. The reason I need these things because the more energy you give me the more detailed the readings will be. All you have to do is trust me and I won't disappoint. You will be amazed on how much I know about you. 

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