I will develop a Facebook Chatbot for you

develop a Facebook Chatbot for you

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  90 conversation nodes. Customize all text/images. Free 1 month hosting! 30 conversation nodes. Customize all text/images. Save replies to 3 nodes. Free 1 month hosting! 90 conversation nodes. Customize all text/images. Save replies to 8 nodes. Free 1 month hosting!
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About This Gig

We will create a Facebook or Web Chatbot for you.

To get sense of what's included in this Gig, please take a look at our Facebook Chatbot Portfolio at:

These are not videos - you will see a real working Facebook Chatbot. It will help you understand a flow of a typical Chatbot. The Basic Gig covers building a Bot similar in its complexity. You will, of course, get a Chatbot fully customized for your needs, incl. all verbiage, flow, dialogs, images, etc.

We are working in a 'Software-as-a-Service' mode. You pay for a working Chatbot and we take care of all the technicalities. 

You don't have to mess with installations, server maintenance, code, integration with Facebook, etc. We will handle everything for you.

As a bonus, you will get 1 month of hosting for free. Each additional month costs only 5$ (Basic) 10$ (Standard) 20$ (Premium).

The Basic package may include up to 15 of your pictures, the Standard 30 and the Advanced 70.

There are no hidden costs - that's all you need to pay for a Chatbot similar in its complexity to our demo.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need something totally different.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any technical knowledge?
    Definitely not. You just have to be able to describe the conversation your user will have with the Chatbot.
  • How much effort I need to put?
    As much as it takes to describe a conversation, plus sending a few pictures you want to show. We will do the rest for you.
  • Do I need a server for hosting the Chatbot?
    No. We will host it for you and handle all the technical stuff.
  • How can I describe the Chatbot I want?
    We provide you with a very simple guide that will help you understand how a Chatbot is structured and what information is needed. No technical jargon, we promise!
  • I'm a bit unsure and still need some help, what can I do?
    We will be happy to assist you, free of charge of course. Please don't hesitate to contact us on any question!
  • Is there any limitation I should be aware of?
    We will not build anything that is against the law, offensive, hateful or racial. We also don't mess with porno and gambling. Please review Facebook’s Messenger Platform Policies at: https://developers.facebook.com/policy/ , as your bot must follow them to remain in good standing with Facebook.
  • What is AI and SmallTalk?
    It interprets natural language to know what the user wants. For example, if the user says "I'm a bit lost..." the Bot will provide help / tips. It can also answer smalltalk questions people sometimes ask Bots such as: what's up?, are you real?, etc. The add-on package includes 15 such situations.