I will do minus one and demo

do minus one and demo
do minus one and demo

About This Gig

Starting at $5, I'll making your minus one or demo. Mixing is adjusting the individual elements of the song relative to each other. This is where your song comes alive! 

Pricing down..

  • $5 gets you a quick minus one- level adjustments, 
  • Another $10 gets your song fully mixing
  • For another $20, I will check and edit your tracks to be in time and in tune, where necessary
  • For an another $10, I will use advanced mixing techniques and effects like reverbs/delays/choruses & more
  • Lastly, for mastering  $20,for the best result

 max of 7 days, I can deliver it in 5 days for an extra $20. I can also send back mixed stems for $10.

I need sample for you minus one or demo. You're given instructions when you order on what to send and how to send it.

 anyone and any genre! NO LIMITS!

Service Type

  • Editing
  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • minus one
  • demo
  • jingles
  • session
  • programming
  • soundtrack
  • midi song editing