I will give you my gay opinion about anything

give you my gay opinion about anything

About This Gig

I will give you my gay opinion about anything, anything at all, you name it and we can talk about it. Just keep it legal, I ain't your parole officer. I won't judge you or tell you what you need to do, that's called advice and you can go to that bitch Dr. Phil for that. I'm here for us to share some laughs and to give you my perspective on anything that's important to you. Feel free to contact me with any queries (pun intended) you have, I'm here to make you happy....and to make my five bucks.

Want to know if those pants make your ass look big? Want to know what photo makes you look the least desperate for your dating profile? Want to know if your dance moves look sexy or if it looks like you're having an epileptic seizure? Want to bitch about the people who are closest to you without them knowing about it? That's what I'm here for, your new G.B.F.F.

I will read a message or article, check out your website, look at your photos, or watch up to a 10 minute video. You pick which one. Then I will reply in writing with my discreet uncensored gay opinion. If you would like my opinion over Skype, see my gig extras, and message me to iron out the details before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do video testimonials?
    No I don't do video testimonials. My opinion is 100% honest and can not be bought. If you want to know what I honestly think of your site (or anything), I will be glad to put it in writing but not on video.