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write inspiring poetry just for you
Great job.
Reviewed by holmeskc over 1 year ago
Nice work. What a lonely poem that the author used her own experience to fill all the emotion. I love this
Reviewed by jerrypang over 1 year ago
write inspiring poetry just for you

About This Gig

Hello, I write inspiring poetry with a great passion, only from my heart. I love poring my feelings in to a great piece of writing. I am hardworking and dedicated to each and every single thing I do in life. 

Here is a poem that is to my daddy who is now gone to be with Jesus!

"Dear Daddy"

I just can not believe that you are forever gone.

What did I do lord that was so awfully wrong.

I miss the way you use to brush my hair.

I know then I acted as if I did not care.

Please forgive me dad.

Now that I look back I should have cherished every little moment we ever had.

Knowing that now makes me feel so lost, and desperately sad.

You were the best daddy any little girl could have ever had.

I have begged, and pleaded with Jesus to bring you back.

But Jesus, and I both know it is much more peaceful, full of happiness ,and glory were you are at.

I have still prayed, and prayed so hard even kneeling down on my knees.

Tears poring down my face begging him please.

I just want to thank you daddy for always holding me, hugging me, and for never leaving me.

You will forever be in my heart, and every day that goes by I miss you more than ever.

                                        Sincerely Christy Lee.